Toledo is one of the luxuries found in Spain. Its privileged location, and the natural turn of the of the Tagus River, together with its continuos population from ages ago, create a unique city in which beautiful and harmonious buildings of an array of architectural styles. In its medieval past, Toledo appears as one of the cradles of Western culture through its Toledan School of Translators, which in itself is an example of the tolerance and coexistence of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures.


Each and every one of the cultures and peoples who’ve passed through Toledo gave the city a present made up of a rich architectural and artistic heritage. The city walls, erected during the Roman era, were reconstructed and given their current appearance by the Arabs. Many gateways mark the route of the walls, but Puerta de la Bisagra, which leads into the historic town and bears the coat of arms of the Imperial City, is the only one to have kept its Medieval architecture.


Toledo cuisine is mestizo and has Moorish, Sephardic and Christian influences, with typical dishes of good quality that are also marked by our hunting and pastoral traditions. You should taste Perdíz a la Toledana, cochifrito and mazapán


This year the symposium is held just before Holy Week. This fact allows attendees to extend their stay in Toledo to know this custom so rooted in Spain.

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