In the context of the European project H2020 Shapes, the research group ARCO has deployed a solution to collect data from the patients of El Salvador residence. This solution counts with the wearable device MetaMotionR, a 9-axis imu sensor manufactured by the companie Mbientlab. In order to simplified the development of this solution, we have created a library to facilitate the control of the MetaMotionR device, a simple recipe about this library and how to use it can be found in the following link:

Raspberry Pi prototype

Inside the work of the group, we have develop an app from a Raspberry Pi that enables a user the simple collection of data by streaming or downloading the data. You can find all the instructions and needed information to convert a Raspberry Pi in a gateway (which will receive and save the data from the sensor) in the next repository:

This app can be used in a personal computer too, installing all the dependencies and running the django web application from the previous repository.