We need to specify a procedure to setup new muffin in the IoT infrastructure. Yeah, «muffin» is the name for our IoT devices. In this post we are going to discuse a possible proposal.

Every node requires the following connection parameters:

  • Its own IDM address
  • The primary gateway router endpoints

Moreover, the contained node objects should be registered in a property server. So the installation technician should create properties for each object:

  • A human readable name
  • An icon name
  • The typeid (the data type that it produces or cosumes)
  • List of functional tags: producer, consumer, observable, etc.

In the current version, an IDM address is two bytes length. It is a classfull address: first byte refers a network and second byte refers a node. The human readable format for address uses 4 hexadecimal characters (11:22).

In a near future, IDM will support variable address size and classless subnetting with a CIDR similar format.

Default gateway address and endpoint

The muffin has a configuration interface to set gateway address and endpoint. To ease setup procedure, the node assumes that the gateway will have the first IDM address in the segment (10:01 in the network 10:00) and, in an IP network the router endpoints will have the second address in the block ( in the network

In any case, the node administration interface allows to change both gateway IDM address and endpoints.