CITISIM is a 3D virtual environment for Smart City Service experiments. CITISIM integrates sensors and actuators that may have actual counterparts or be purely virtual artifacts. All communications are based in an object oriented middlware. It is therefore fully decoupled in terms of location or implementation details.

CITISIM supports three different usages:

1. Smart City Simulator

Any Smart City service has to deal with lot of details and requires a non-trivial infrastructure, even for the more simpler cases. «CITISIM simulator» provides a way of specifying complex actions (ex: traffic). These actions are detected by virtual sensors deployed on the virtual city and converted into events sent to middleware channels. Services are running in a computer infrastructure that consume virtual events and may react to solve problems or prevent potential issues. The reactions are nothing else but invocations to other services or devices, also deployed in the virtual city. This simplifies the process of developing and testing of new high-level services.


2. Smart City Monitor

Other important issue is to manage and visualize a huge amount of heterogeneous information. «CITISIM-monitor» may consume information generated from actual sensors and actuators and represent it in the same 3D environment. The user can interact to virtual counterparts of real devices to get information, for example, the amount of cars that cross an intersection.


3. Smart City 3D-UI

CITISIM may act as an advanced User Interface enabling direct interaction to 3D representation of actual devices. For example, it may be possible to turn on a real street light just touching it in the screen.