Evacuate people during a disaster such as fire is quite a challenge. You are doing your work and suddenly a fire surprised you, panic conquers you and you don’t know what to do. Evanes is intelligent system to generate guided plans to scape from a building in fire with the aim to help people in such situations, you won’t be alone anymore, evanes will take care of you.

To pursue our goal one of the milestone is counting people inside a room or inside the building, to do so, we have designed a complex sensor network  with the next devices:

  • A couple of acess points to stabilish comunication channels.
  • Infrared sensor, to know when a person is cmopletely inside the room.
  • A door sensor, allow us to know whether if the door is opened.
  • Some Xiaomi Miband to pair people with bracalets.
  • Tablet to have in our wall some visual information.
  • Cameras to take pictures.

interwall infrared

We use a publisher-subscriber architecture to publish the events and all this information is recollected by a log file in which you can take a look of some parameters such as timestamp, pictures, pictures of the detected faces, etc.

To show you part of this experiment here you have the log file thrown by the system, just take a look:

[2015-06-10 11:15:36.045324] DoorSensor {‘source’: ‘node02.door’, ‘state’: False}
[2015-06-10 11:15:36.815078] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726128.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:37.185809] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726169.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:37.551254] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726211.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:37.646453] FaceDetector {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726211_0.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:38.117660] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726253.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:38.659305] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726295.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:39.025920] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726336.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:39.401122] DoorSensor {‘source’: ‘node02.door’, ‘state’: True}
[2015-06-10 11:15:40.159583] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726380.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:40.421460] DoorBarrier {‘source’: ‘barrier’, ‘state’: True}
[2015-06-10 11:15:40.495904] CameraCapture {‘path’: ‘FFFB9914_143392726423.jpg’, ‘name’: ‘FFFB9914’}
[2015-06-10 11:15:40.658323] DoorBarrier {‘source’: ‘barrier’, ‘state’: False}

In this case the system was able to detect an event of the open/close door, then the camera starts to take pictures and detects a face («FaceDetector») storing the pictures. And finally, it detects tha this person crossed the door barries with the «doorBarrier» event.

Stay tuned to know more about Evanes.