Distributed Object Based Services (DOBS) is a framework that integrates several research projects developed by the ARCO group. In DOBS we target the ambitious goal of developing a full framework for home services taking as a starting point an object-oriented distributed (OOD) platform.

Our framework must accomplish several key points:

  • Manufacturers and software developers centered: Providing a full toolchain which can be used for home service development. This point also includes several language supports, independence of the operating systems, templates of common services, etc.
  • The services must be integrated in any platform, even hardware implementations of the service should be possible.
  • Support for service management.
  • Efficient in terms of usage of resources such as memory, bandwidth, etc.
  • Establish common points for interoperability of services developed by any manufacturer.

DOBS Design

After an in-depth research of previous works and following an analysis of the existent solutions, we have taken the following design decisions:

  • It uses object-oriented distributed paradigm.
  • Study, research and implement appropriate extensions for the development under the OOD philosophy of platforms where no similar approach is known to exist, such as Wireless Sensor Networks devices or Hardware implementations of OOD hardware objects.
  • It creates a common taxonomy for manufactures and service developments.
  • Develop common services (Service Discovery, QoS, etc.) for enhancing DOBS user services.

DOBS Architecture


DOBS Applications

DOBS is being used as the middleware for HESPERIA project. Homeland security: Technologies for security in public spaces and infrastructures (HESPERIA) is a project for seamless integrated managament for security and operation control in public spaces. HESPERIA is funded by spanish ministry of industry, tourism and trade under CENIT project. HESPERIA participants involve eight spanish universities and seven companies.

DOBS resources for developers

All DOBS components are implemented using Ice from ZeroC, a high-performance Internet communications platform. Ice includes a wealth of layered services and plug-ins.

IcePick language and compiler

IcePick is a language to define distributed objects and services. The compiler may generate minimal implementations suitable for embedded platforms used in Wireless Sersor/Actuator Networks or similar devices.

DOBS in action!

We have videos showing some features of DOBS middlewares. Most of them use ASDF for send advertisement of its presence in an environment (event WSN devices). For visualization, control and debug purposes, we are developing a tool (called Inspector) that we use like interface for visualization (It appears in most of the videos).




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